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If you want more details on what we need, please ask on our forums!

Current as of July 2010.



Desert Town

This tileset is Harrvah town, before the attack occurs as is written in the prologue. This tileset will be used in our next set of screenshots, as well as our first release, the playable Allacrost demo. It is critical that progress be made in this area, and soon. Harrvah town is in the desert, of course, and has an active, lively atmosphere with mediocre housing. Notable features of the town include: an outdoor marketplace with various stalls, a single community water fountain, a wall surrounding the town, and two large rocks with stairs that the castle sits upon. (The castle does not need to be done, as the player will not be allowed to explore it in the demo.

  1. Various ground tiles. Sand, stone paths, etc.
  2. Homes and structures viewable on the outside
  3. Homes and structures with an inside view (wooden floor, stairs, misc. home objects)
  4. Tiles for the wall surrounding the town
  5. The community town fountain

This is partially complete and included in our current SVN. However, we are in need of improvements to the housing tiles, and more structures such as stairs, fountains, et cetera.

We have the graphics for the inside of a cave, but we need tiles for the outside of one.

Map Sprites

Harrvah knights - we have some, but need more. Kyle, a Karlate (knight-in-training) King of Harrvah Muabi

Battle Backgrounds

Harrvah Town Invasion

This background is for the battles that will take place in the town of Harrvah, in the midst of the destruction and chaos that the player returns to from the cave. Ideas for this background include animated fires and battling demons and knights in the distance, among other chaotic settings.

  1. Bottom background image: battered ground/paths of the town
  2. Top background image: destroyed homes and wreckage
  3. Animations for top image: raging fires, and battles in the distance



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