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Here are a few guidelines I would like everyone to adopt if he or she edits the manuals. Although there are not many rules please check out once in a while to see if more is come.

  1. All pages must be start with EM: this is just to make certain that the page name will not conflict with other parts of the wiki, it will also help us figuring out which pages need to be export. The only excption is the front page of the editor: Editor Manual.
  2. If you create a new page, add it on the front page in the correct sub category, no matter how small the article is. This will help us with exporting, but also keeps some overview what is done.
  3. If you write something make certain that your version of the editor is up to date with the lastest version of subversion.
  4. Do not link outside the manual, so don't refer to wikipedia or something on the forum nor should you link to page that isn't part of the manual. If this would be exported than those items might change and the reference in the manual would no longer be up to date.
  5. All pages should be formal (see if you need an idea of what I mean with that) and your ego should not be evolved in the page. (you can't say something like: "There is some discussion about this and how it needs to be done. For example Elon thinks... but I think..."). Be formal
    1. Tutorials can be informal and you can add your name on the top. Tutorials are a lot of work.
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