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Establishing individual goals for ourselves will hopefully act to increase motivation to get work done. Listing everyone's goals here provides an easy to access list so that every team member knows who is working on what and when it is likely to be completed. EDC stands for Estimated Date of Completion. The following template should be used:

== Username's Goals ==

{| WIDTH="100%" border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" align="center"
! style="background:#efefef;" | Goal
! style="background:#efefef;" | EDC
! style="background:#efefef;" | Description
! style="background:#ff5f5f;" | Barriers
| Name of goal #1
| mm/dd/yy
| Description of goal #1
| Description of anything HOA-related holding up completion of this goal
| Name of goal #2
| mm/dd/yy
| Description of goal #2
| None

Goals should be listed in the table by completion date. The higher up a goal is in the table, the sooner it will be completed. This also addresses prioritization of goals. A higher priority goal will be listed earlier in the table. One thing to note about the Barriers column is that it should only be used to list barriers related to Allacrost. It should not be used for external barriers, such as school, work, life, etc.


Gorzuate's Goals

Goal EDC Description Barriers
Tile editor 6/1/06 Finish the other half of the tile editor, i.e. the ability to set properties, globally and individually. COMPLETE
Portable editor 6/30/06 Get editor compiling and running on more than just Gentoo. This includes Debian, MacOS X, and Windows, for now.
Tileset image splitter 6/30/06 Implement capability to split a large image into separate 32x32 tiles.
Editor documentation 6/30/06 Write up documentation for the editor and put it on the wiki.

Visages's Goals

Goal EDC Description Barriers
Finish Battle Backend 5/10/06 Having the Battle Engine ready for the preview release of Hero of Allacrost, with the specifications to those discussed in the quarterly meeting about the release.
Finish Battle Frontend 6/10/06 Having the Battle Engine front end in a playable state (GUI, not effects)
Implement Battle Scripting 6/20/06 Integrate Lua with the Battle Engine for scripting purposes
Find solution to DevIL issue Ongoing Find the necessary patches or fixes to make DevIL load pngs on MacOSX, or begin porting to a new image library. Nobody seems to have found a solution. Nothing from iDevGames or OpenIL forums. Working with Jetrly currently.

roos's Goals

Goal EDC Description Barriers
Fix bugs or add features that were requested 4/12/06 Add features/fix bugs that were requested for GUI / battle code
Optimize text rendering 5/10/06 Rewrite the SDL_ttf code to support glyph cacheing (more performance)

Roots' Goals

Goal EDC Description Barriers
Audio Engine 06/30/06 Need a simple but functional audio engine for the demo that uses SDL_mixer. COMPLETE
Map Mode 06/30/06 Minor improvements need to be made in dialogue, and a bug fix for OS X. none
Chapter 1 Draft 08/30/06 Finish writing the rough draft to chapter 1 (almost complete), self-review, and then submit to staff for feedback and revisions Coding and organizational work on Allacrost has prevented me from writing the conclusion to this chapter.

emrebfg's Goals

Goal EDC Description Barriers
Website Migration Complete Contact potential new host and figure out details of site migration.
Learn Wiki Complete Learn how to edit wiki, including templates, and determine optimal organization.
Consolidate Features TBD - August Compile a preliminary list of all features that have been discussed on the forum.
Draft of Design Document TBD - September Compile a draft of the design document, as complete as we know the design currently. Completion of features consolidation
Site Redesign 90% Complete Work with nunvuru to implement the new site design and integrate it with our phpBB forum. Awaiting full design by nunvuru.

BigPapaN0z's Goals

Goal EDC Description Barriers
Forum Facelift TBD Work with nunvuru to seamlessly blend site and forum.

MindFlayer's Goals

Goal EDC Description Barriers
Boot Mode 06/15/06 Implement various items in the boot-mode in the following order: 1) Opening logo and it's effects 2) Some basic options regarding audio/video/keys 3) Credits-screen. 4) If there's time left, more options.
Windows Release ongoing Release and maintain Windows executables of both the game and the map-editor. DLL issues on platforms that don't have .NET 2.0 installed. (FIXED!)

alenacat's Goals

Goal EDC Description Barriers
Complete makok hound sprites 8/1/06 Complete the sprite None
Continue map sprites and tiles Ongoing Townspeople and town None
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