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This page is under development.

Keeping track of our staff's status is helpful in determining who we can currently count on for getting work done, and when inactive staff will be returning. This page is meant to collect all the information in the Downtime thread on the forums into one easily viewable place. The following template should be used:

This page only lists "Staff" currently and may not be up-to-date.

! Username
| user's status || DD/MM/YYYY || reason

Staff Status

Staff Member Status Return Date Reason
Brian Aloisi Active    
ElonNarai Inactive 01-01-2009 Personal
gorzuate Active    
Jetryl Inactive    
Loodwig Inactive    
MindFlayer Inactive    
Rain Active    
Roots Active    
Rujasu Active    
Safir-Kreuz Inactive    

Former Staff

Former Member Date of Departure Party Initiating Departure Honor of Discharge Relevant Forum Threads
Reason(s) for Departure Other Notes
Adarias DD/MM/YYYY self Weakly Honorable  
Felt insulted when his work was modified by others Was unable to understand the meaning of collaborative team work;
Balthazar DD/MM/YYYY self Weakly Honorable  
Loss of time and motivation MIA for several months prior to his official departure notice;
CamelJockey DD/MM/YYYY Allacrost Weakly Honorable  
Stopped producing new code (loss of motivation?) Given an ultimatum that he didn't serve
hamiko DD/MM/YYYY      
kev82 DD/MM/YYYY      
snipe714 DD/MM/YYYY      
StarPilot DD/MM/YYYY      
Sylon DD/MM/YYYY      
Valdroni DD/MM/YYYY      
gloomcover DD/MM/YYYY      
Josiah Tobin DD/MM/YYYY      
roos DD/MM/YYYY      
Venndetta1 DD/MM/YYYY      
Biohazard DD/MM/YYYY      
Jonatron DD/MM/YYYY      
sadjester DD/MM/YYYY      
Zorbfish DD/MM/YYYY      
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