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This is a list of our current team goals and what needs to be accomplished in order to reach them. Shorter-term goals are on the top, while longer-term goals are near the bottom. Use the template below to get started on entering a new goal. You may add more categories/information than the template suggests, but the sections of the template must be filled out for every goal.

== Goal Name ==

Brief summary of the goal.

'''Key Players'''<br>
* List of staff members (or entire departments) that are the key players in achieving this goal

'''Criteria for Success'''<br>
# Numbered list of the tasks to complete before this goal is considered complete.

* List of current issues or problems preventing future progress toward this goal.

Release a Playable Demo, emphasis on Playable

After releasing the editor and fourth "tech demo," we will build yet another demo. However, unlike our previous demos, this will attempt to be a fully-functional game using our now-mature game engine. The game will be an "unofficial prequel" to the Hero of Allacrost game, featuring Claudius and other characters, new artwork, and more advanced game mechanics.

Most importantly, this demo will feature a fully-developed (short) quest and storyline, and will attempt to be an enjoyable and challenging game for end users.

What will and will not be found in the demo

  • Though the Allacrost game engine will never be considered "done," this implementation of the engine will have all necessary features for the game we intend to build.
  • The game will support the English language -- international support is TBA, depending on the availability of translators.
  • The save/load feature will be fully functional for this game, as the functionality is in place already.
  • User will be able to configure keyboard, joystick, and audio settings.
  • New artwork, new characters, and new music.
  • Battles will be balanced, require non-obvious strategy, and will feature fully animated graphics

Key Players

  • All active artists
  • All active programmers
  • All active musicians
  • All active contributors
  • Anyone willing and able to translate the game into non-English languages
  • Testers,

Criteria for Success

  1. Game Content
  2. Balancing
  3. Nontrivial use of the MAPS battle system

Release the First Playable Game Module

More information about this goal will start to become available as we are near to finishing the previous one.

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