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Audio Engine

  • Add support to play sounds
  • Challange 1: The engine
    • Current engine is overengineered, it should be simpler to use
    • Not every functionality is working
    • There is no support for virtual sounds
    • Sounds are not unloaded once someone leaves the area
  • Challange 2: The script
    • The script should allow sounded to be added currently is getting more and more support


The top tasks is the one I currently work on

  • Writing Manual for editor
  • Design Document V2
    • Combat


  • Moving "Compiling HoA with VS2005 Step by Step Tutorial" to the wiki
  • Design Document V2


  • Design Document V2
  • "Compiling HoA with VS2005 Step by Step Tutorial"

Never to do again

  • Creating a branch to recreate HoA because I think I know better
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